Should I Order Erectile Dysfunction Pills Online? (with Marah Hehemann, MD)

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Should I Order Erectile Dysfunction Pills Online? (with Marah Hehemann, MD)

July 26, 2022

Should I Order Erectile Dysfunction Pills Online? (with Marah Hehemann, MD)

We’ve all heard the saying “what goes up must come down”, but what happens if it can’t get up, and it just stays down? Well, the same laws of physics apply in erectile dysfunction, or ED. The prevalence of ED is high, especially in America, but why aren’t there more men getting help from their health care provider? Asking for help is tough, especially about a sensitive topic like this. However, getting the right advice from the right place can make a huge difference. It can promote a fulfilling sex life and aid in family planning.

Dr. Marah Hehemann sheds some light on these issues in today’s episode. She is a fellowship trained surgeon and researcher, assistant professor of urology at University of Washington, patient advocate specializing in male reproductive and sexual health, and a leader in men’s health. Dr. Hehemann shares reputable sources to turn to if you are experiencing ED and the different treatments available to the public. She explains other men’s health issues including vasectomy and testosterone replacement/supplementation. 

We tried our best to hold the D jokes to a minimum for the sake of our listeners 😉 Tune in to get the inside scoop from a true leader in the field. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The true definition of erectile dysfunction
  • Common causes of ED
  • Steps doctors will take to help someone with ED
  • Is direct to consumer ED treatment harmful?
  • Predatory ED treatment to watch out for
  • The current hottest ED treatment trends
  • A physician’s role in educating patients with ED
  • Types and side effects of medication to treat ED
  • What is considered low testosterone
  • Different treatments for someone who has low testosterone
  • Risks of testosterone treatment
  • Are non-pharmacological options safe?
  • What are penis implants? (aka penis pumps)
  • Technologies used for penis implants
  • Can you have children after having a vasectomy?
  • The scarcity of women in urology and men’s health

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