What Happens When We Die? (with Eileen Baldeshwiler)

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What Happens When We Die? (with Eileen Baldeshwiler)

August 2, 2022

What Happens When We Die? (with Eileen Baldeshwiler)

What happens after you die? Don’t worry, not getting philosophical here, we’re wondering what literally happens to your body after you flatline. Who takes care of it, where does it go, how much does it cost? Unless one has been through this process, it remains a bit of a mystery. Many of our preconceived notions regarding the next steps after death arise from what we’ve seen in the movies. The person is pronounced dead, and in the next scene, they’re in a casket. So much happens between those two points! Consider Julie and Jeremy’s curiosity piqued! Naturally, we called in our lovely funeral director/embalmer friend to enlighten us on today’s episode!

Chicago funeral director/embalmer, Eileen Baldeshwiler joins us to teach about her profession and educate on the different modes of disposition. She delves into the process of embalming, different types of religious needs, and some really weird and interesting things people put in their loved ones’ caskets. Eileen is a highly empathic and knowledgeable mortician who has helped many families in some of the toughest moments of their lives. She explains that funeral directing is an emotionally taxing, but incredibly rewarding profession.  Not only are you a frontline worker, but also an endline worker. What better honor than to take care of your fellow humans after death with dignity and kindness?

Tune in to hear a lighthearted look at what happens after you die, and to hear how Julie and Eileen hypothetically killed Jeremy eight times.  Don’t be scared, we’re all gonna die someday. Listen to your doctor friends 🙂

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Eileen became a mortician
  • Difference between a mortician and a medical examiner
  • What is the funeral home process after a person dies?
  • What is the process at the hospital after someone dies?
  • The main modes of disposition
  • Where deceased are stored in funeral homes
  • The least expensive mode of disposition and the most common
  • What is aquamation and green burial?
  • Finances behind funerals
  • Benefits of pre-arranging funerals
  • What is the process of embalming?
  • Eileen’s experience as an embalmer during the pandemic
  • The oddest things Eilieen has been asked to put in a casket

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