BONUS: Make Your Brain Do The Lifting! (With Adam Bruene, DC)

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BONUS: Make Your Brain Do The Lifting! (With Adam Bruene, DC)

July 22, 2022

BONUS: Make Your Brain Do The Lifting! (With Adam Bruene, DC)

In this special Friday BONUS episode, Dr. Adam Bruene talks us through how to re-activate our “baby brain” to create true core stability. It’s as easy as laying on your back and breathing with your belly.

Utilizing evidence-based techniques from Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, we can quickly and easily stimulate our brain to revert to “autopilot”, which in turn can relieve back pain, prevent injury, and make us sit up straighter. Cool techniques piloted by our friends in the Czech Republic 🙂

BONUS BONUS- watch the accompanying video where Doctors Bruene demonstrate these easy breathing and bracing techniques on Instagram

and YouTube!

Dr. Adam Bruene practices at Aligned Modern Health in Chicago, IL. Find out more about him at

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