Exploring Resolutions: The Diets of TikTok

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Exploring Resolutions: The Diets of TikTok

January 24, 2023

Exploring Resolutions: The Diets of TikTok

Ahhhh, TikTok. The cause of, and solution to, much of the the world’s problems 🙂 For real though, the traction that fad diets can gain on TT is mind-blowing- we’re talking like BILLIONS of views.

Never fear, Jeremy and Julie are here to break down the top trending diets on social media, sift through the trash, and give you the helpful, digestible bits that matter.

Topics in this episode include:

What’s keto? How is it different than South Beach or Atkins?

Why many “keto” packaged foods have sweeteners added.

How to use– for evidence-based info about nutrition and supplement information.

What is the carnivore diet? What about the “lion diet”?

What is a “juice cleanse”?

How do “fad diets” promote weight cycling?

How carbs can be good for you!

In summation, the risks, benefits, and evidence of these diets!

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