Exploring Resolutions: How Much Alcohol is Healthy? (with Gail Basch, MD)

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Exploring Resolutions: How Much Alcohol is Healthy? (with Gail Basch, MD)

January 17, 2023

Exploring Resolutions: How Much Alcohol is Healthy? (with Gail Basch, MD)

Should I try Dry January? How about Damp January?? Many folks who choose to imbibe alcohol may have considered curbing consumption on occasion, and a fair amount of people choose January to give it a go.

Continuing our theme of “New Year’s Resolutions”, in this episode we tackle some hard truths about hard drinks, and we have a wonderful expert guest to guide us.

Dr. Gail Basch is a Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine specialist and director of the Outpatient Addiction Clinic at Rush University Medical Center and fellowship director for the Addiction Medicine fellowship at Rush.

Dr. Basch helps us tackle our tough alcohol-related questions and aids us in being introspective in our relationship with drinking.

Topics covered include:

What amount of drinking is “healthy” according to the WHO?

Is “abstinence only” the only treatment for alcohol use disorder?

What is “California Dry”?

Are low/no alcohol beers and spirits a good alternative?

Dr. Basch recommends these resources for folks seeking more information about alcohol use, cutting down, and quitting:

Rethinking Drinking NIAAA site


Dr. Basch’s professional profile

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