Exploring Resolutions: How Do I Stop Checking My Phone? (with Gloria Mark, PhD)

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Exploring Resolutions: How Do I Stop Checking My Phone? (with Gloria Mark, PhD)

January 31, 2023

Exploring Resolutions: How Do I Stop Checking My Phone? (with Gloria Mark, PhD)

Picture this common resolution- “I will put my phone down in the new year!” -immediately followed by turning your attention to your computer screen.

Let’s face it, our devices are here to stay. How can we make them work FOR US, instead of distracting us from the personal connections we need?

Cue our expert in human-computer interaction (HCI), Gloria Mark, PhD! WE ARE SO FORTUNATE to be able to pick her brain about how to make OUR BRAINS better at prioritizing our precious mental currency: OUR ATTENTION.

Dr. Mark is the author of Attention Span and Multitasking in the Digital Age, the Chancellor’s Professor of Informatics at UC Irvine, and has published over 200 papers in top academic journals, and appeared in scores of platforms, including the New York Times, BBC, NPR, the Atlantic, and recently on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard (check it out, the episode is GREAT!)

We are aware that we likely outkicked our coverage, and are SO HAPPY to share Dr. Mark’s expertise with y’all. Strap in, pay attention, this is a can’t-miss episode, friends! 🙂

Topics in this episode include:

The MYTH of multitasking.

What is “distraction cost’?

How attempting to “multitask” affects our brains and bodies (hint: stress!)

Is it really the “notifications” on our phones that are distracting us, or is it something else?

Are we really “victims of the algorithm” when it comes to social media?

How can being “information rich” make us “attention poor”?

How can we be aware of our “urges” to check our phones/email/computer and become more intentional in our use of devices?

Learn more about Dr. Mark’s work at her website.

Her latest book, Attention Span, is available nationwide wherever books are sold! Learn more about her book here.

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