Are New Year’s Resolutions Good For Us?

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Are New Year’s Resolutions Good For Us?

January 10, 2023

Are New Year’s Resolutions Good For Us?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re back from our holiday break and ready to start 2023 strong with a fresh episode 🙂

Why do we make resolutions? What are we really trying to change? Why? And why pick January 1st??

What’s the history and psychology behind New Year’s resolutions, and how can we be mindful in setting a goal or intention for the year?

In this episode, we break down the history behind the tradition of setting resolutions at New Year’s, and suggest some ways to choose goals that are meaningful, attainable, and fulfilling.

We touch on the SMART method of goal setting, delve into the cue/routine/reward technique, and discuss ways to bake in accountability to your goal to increase the chances of success.

LISTEN TO THE END to hear a compilation of short clips from many of our guests from 2022 sharing their goals/resolutions/intentions for the year as well 🙂

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