Keynote: The State of Data, AI and Innovation in Healthcare

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Keynote: The State of Data, AI and Innovation in Healthcare

January 6, 2023

Keynote: The State of Data, AI and Innovation in Healthcare

January 6, 2023: What is the state of data, AI and innovation in healthcare? Meet our first guest of 2023! John Halamka, MD, President of the Mayo Clinic Platform. At Mayo, they think about the patient first. In five years from now, practice without AI will be considered malpractice. How is AI being integrated into clinician’s current workflows? How can we validate AI models across the largest population set and avoid bias? How can data improve interoperability in the US? What can we do now to accelerate the pace of innovation in healthcare across the board?

Key Points:

  • If Mayo were a government, it would be a socialist society because all 73,000 staff are asking, how do we make things better for every patient we encounter every single day?
  • Advice for healthcare startups is, ask yourself what real world problem are you solving and who will pay for it?
  • What is CHAI (Coalition for Health AI) and how is it providing guidelines for the responsible use of AI in healthcare?
  • Mayo Clinic Platform

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