Keynote: Practical AI In Healthcare

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Keynote: Practical AI In Healthcare

December 28, 2023

Keynote: Practical AI In Healthcare

December 28, 2023: David Baker, CIO at Pacific Dental, Reid Stephan, CIO at St. Luke’s, and Lee Milligan delve into the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in healthcare. With a focus on practical AI applications, they discuss the transformative impact of AI in medical imaging, the role of AI in enhancing healthcare operations, and the challenges of integrating AI into clinical practice. How will AI redefine the roles of healthcare professionals and the patient experience? What strategies are being employed to govern AI use in healthcare settings, and what are the ethical implications? These critical questions highlight the intersection of technology and healthcare, offering a glimpse into a future where AI is an integral part of medical care.

Key Points:

  • AI in Imaging 
  • Ethical Implications with AI
  • Balancing innovation and safety
  • Innovation Centers
  • Expectations for Future Clinicians

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