Keynote: Highlights from ViVE Interviews in Action

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Keynote: Highlights from ViVE Interviews in Action

March 8, 2024

Keynote: Highlights from ViVE Interviews in Action

March 8, 2024: Live from ViVE, Drex DeFord and Sarah Richardson hit the floor to interview healthsystem leaders across the board. Sharing top of mind and any innovative ideas, this episode covers quickfire answers to some prevalent questions. Highlights include interviews with Daniel Nigrin (CIO for MaineHealth), Theresa Meadows (CIO for Cook Children’s), Jeffrey Blade (VP of Applications for Fairview Health Services), Jason Swoboda (Director of Innovation for Tampa General), Steve Eckert (CTO for Cook Children’s), Pete D’Addio (Director of Enterprise Technology for Moffitt Cancer Center), Terri Couts (CIO for Guthrie Clinic), Kate Pierce (Senior vCISO for LGH), Jeffrey Sturman (CIO for Memorial Healthcare), and Erica Williams (Regional Technology Officer for Ascension).

Key Points:

  • Top of Mind at ViVE
  • New Tech and Innovation
  • Clinician Burnout

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