Keynote: CISO Priorities for 2023

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Keynote: CISO Priorities for 2023

June 9, 2023

Keynote: CISO Priorities for 2023

June 9, 2023: What are CISO’s security priorities for 2023? In this webinar keynote, hear Shawna Hofer (St. Luke’s), Erik Decker (Intermountain), and Vikrant Arora (Hospital for Special Surgery) discuss all things security. How do the CISOs prioritize their work based on the drivers within their healthcare organizations? What are some of the evolving cybersecurity threats in the healthcare industry? How does the increased reliance on third parties impact cybersecurity in healthcare? How are healthcare organizations addressing the challenge of educating users to combat phishing attacks? How are CISOs communicating risk within their organizations? Are there any regulatory changes on the horizon that will impact cybersecurity in healthcare?

Key Points:

  • Third party risk
  • Phishing and user education
  • Ransomware prevention and response
  • Decentralized IT environment
  • Worker shortage and burnout
  • Resiliency and patient safety

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