Interview in Action @ ViVE ’24 – Theresa Meadows and Toby Gouker

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Interview in Action @ ViVE ’24 – Theresa Meadows and Toby Gouker

March 4, 2024

Interview in Action @ ViVE ’24 – Theresa Meadows and Toby Gouker

March 4: Today on the Conference channel, it’s a double Interview in Action live from ViVE 2024. First, Drex speaks with Theresa Meadows, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Cook Children’s Health Care System. Delving into the realities of clinician burnout, her efforts towards a happier, more effective workforce are prominent. Theresa discusses a problem-based approach focusing on mitigating burnout and improving workflow efficiency. With a myriad of tech innovations floating around, how does one zero in on effectively targeting pain points? Next, Drex speaks with Toby Gouker, EVP, Government Health at First Health Advisory. As part of a company that strengthens digital health through cybersecurity practices, policy design, and resilience initiatives, Toby provides an insightful overview of the challenges and strategies involved in their operations. How do cyber threats affect the industry’s strides towards improved patient care? Why is the matter of cybersecurity within healthcare gaining more relevance due to continuous technological advancements? What plans are set in motion to ensure a safe digital transition?

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