Interview in Action @ HIMSS ’24: Data-Driven Healthcare with Kevin Field

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Interview in Action @ HIMSS ’24: Data-Driven Healthcare with Kevin Field

April 3, 2024

Interview in Action @ HIMSS ’24: Data-Driven Healthcare with Kevin Field

April 4, 2024: In this insightful episode, Drex DeFord, President, 229 Risk & Security at This Week Health delves into the transformative world of healthcare data management with Kevin Field, President of Clearsense, recorded at HIMSS 2024. With a rich background in healthcare technology and a pivotal role at Clearsense, Kevin shares his journey from leading Epic implementations to focusing on making healthcare data a valuable asset. But what does it truly take to organize and utilize vast amounts of data from disparate systems effectively? How can healthcare organizations leverage this data to make informed decisions, and what role does data governance play in ensuring consistency and trustworthiness of data? Moreover, Kevin discusses the challenges and solutions in integrating legacy systems and the importance of creating a common data language within organizations. The conversation also explores the potential of AI and how foundational good data quality is for its application in healthcare. Through a blend of technology and advisory practices, Clearsense aims to empower healthcare providers with reliable, actionable insights. But how does this approach change the dynamics of data management and decision-making in healthcare? Join them as they uncover the complexities and innovations shaping the future of healthcare data management.

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