How AI Is Transforming The Future Of Healthcare

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How AI Is Transforming The Future Of Healthcare

December 14, 2022

How AI Is Transforming The Future Of Healthcare

December 14, 2022: AI is powering change in every industry across the globe. As companies are increasingly data-driven, the demand for AI technology grows. Today we are talking to Renee Yao, Global Healthcare AI Startups Business Development Lead at NVIDIA about making your enterprise AI ready and unleashing its potential with NVIDIA® AI Enterprise, a flexible, end-to-end platform. NVIDIA® Riva for speech AI, NVIDIA Merlin™ for recommenders, NVIDIA Clara™ for medical imaging and much much more.

Key Points:

  • Open-Source healthcare AI innovation continues to expand
  • The top 5 challenges are applications integration, modern infrastructure, enterprise support, deployment at scale and interoperability
  • How NVIDIA Inception is helping startups to heighten their visibility
  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise
  • VMware

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