Engaging Non-Clinical Roles with Your Care Team

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Engaging Non-Clinical Roles with Your Care Team

December 7, 2022

Engaging Non-Clinical Roles with Your Care Team

December 7, 2022: Clinicians are highly mobilized workers, so they need a simple, secure, and most importantly, contextual method for communicating to provide the highest quality care for their patients. Mobile Heartbeat MH-CURE connects the whole care team through a single, unified platform. How does this help to advance care coordination across the healthcare enterprise? Mike Iwanek, Vice President Professional Services at Mobile Heartbeat joins us to show how easy and simple it can be for the care team to communicate the right information at the right time, with the right level of urgency.

Key Points:

  • One of the hardest things for a clinician to do is to connect with another clinician
  • The discharge workflow is one of the biggest areas where a communication solution can really help
  • Why are voice applications challenging in a hospital setting?
  • Mobile Heartbeat

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