045: Body Image Issues With Michelle Powell

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045: Body Image Issues With Michelle Powell

June 28, 2021

045: Body Image Issues With Michelle Powell

BODY IMAGE. At some point or another most of the population struggle with their body image in some capacity. I haven’t met someone to this day who doesn’t have any hang-ups with their body. 

Personally, I have battled with my body image for a very long time. 

In episode 39, I spoke with Michelle about trauma response and how this can show up in our bodies. I also  shared where my body issues came from. I have been overwhelmed with so much support since I shared my experience on this taboo topic. 

That’s why Michelle and I decided to focus this entire episode on body image issues because we know this topic resonates with so many of you. 

Body image issues are a complex problem because it impacts people in astronomical ways and oftentimes it holds a lot of people back. I believe, It’s time to put an end to body image issues and for us to stop buying into the media that’s feeding billion dollar industries through our fears and insecurities. 

If you have hang ups about your body, you’re not alone. 

Listen to my conversation with Michelle as we share our personal stories and how we overcame our own negative body image issues and how Michelle overcame her eating disorder.


  • My personal story (6:44)
  • Accepting the shifts and changes (11:56)
  • Love your body (13:13)
  • The billion dollar industry (16:52)
  • Michelle’s personal journey (18:09)
  • The turning point (28:15)
  • Change your thinking (37:08)
  • Becoming the change (41:17)
  • Be the best version of yourself (54:22)
  • The impact of stress in the body (58:34)

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