046: Male Burnout – The Elephant In The Room With Darrel Griffin

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046: Male Burnout – The Elephant In The Room With Darrel Griffin

July 12, 2021

046: Male Burnout – The Elephant In The Room With Darrel Griffin

Burnout is a phenomenon that has been in the nursing space for years, and it continues to grow. Unfortunately, burnout isn’t talked about openly and has become the elephant in the room for a long time.

Having experienced burnout twice, it has been my mission to reduce burnout among nurses. I know for a fact the kind of workplace stresses we nurses face on a daily basis. 

In this episode, I’m joined by Darrel Griffin. Darrel is the co-host of Burnout Bros, a peer support community for men in business who are affected by burnout.

Although Darrel is not a nurse, I got him onboard because there’s a huge population of male nurses that needs to hear this topic. Men in particular are more reluctant to talk about this topic because of the shame and stigma surrounding mental health.

There’s no other way to address this problem but to talk about it openly. I love this conversation with Darrel. Having dealt with burnout myself, it has become my mission to help nurses around the world deal and overcome burnout in any way possible. 

If you’re experiencing burnout, this is for you.


  • The elephant in the room (5:30)
  • A hundred year issue (9:15)
  • Define your success (11:23)
  • Smoke and mirrors (13:56)
  • Driving towards something we cannot tame (16:14)
  • Teach kids to express (20:28)
  • Dads are products of their upbringing (22:41)
  • What burnout looks like (28:25)
  • Burnout in the health sector (36:58)
  • Go back to self care (46:11)
  • Know who you are (48:15)

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