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The Potentialist

In this episode, Gary speaks with Ben Lytle, Serial Entrepreneur, and CEO, Anthem. Ben tells the story of how Anthem was formed, and also explains what insights led him to…
December 22, 2022

The Potentialist

Meet Ben Lytle:

Ben Lytle is Advisor to Lytle Healthcare and Author of “The Potentialist.” He is the former Chairman and CEO of Anthem, Inc. He received a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Texas A&M and a JD from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. 

Key Insights:

Ben Lytle explores the potential healthcare has for change. 

Anthem’s Story. Ben Lytle was CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana when they faced an existential threat from UnitedHealthcare. He helped diversify the company by founding an insurance brokerage business and grew the company by merging with other state Blue Cross Blue Shield groups. 

Room for Innovation. America has an aging population and healthcare staffing shortage. There is great opportunity for entrepreneurs who can develop technology that makes existing healthcare staff more productive. 

The Potentialist. Ben is a “potentialist,” meaning that living up to his full potential is how he defines success. He encourages leaders to reflect on their lives and examine who they are and if what they are doing positively impacts the people they love.


Relevant Links: 

Check out Ben’s website

Read about his book “The Potentialist”

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