Leaders are Lifelong Learners

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Leaders are Lifelong Learners

In this episode, part of our Excellence in Leadership Series, presented by Citi, Gary speaks with John Phipps, M.D., Chief Care Transformation Officer, Inova Health System, about what it takes…
December 15, 2022

Leaders are Lifelong Learners

Meet John Phipps, M.D.:

Dr. John Phipps is an internist and endocrinologist, currently serving as the Chief Care Transformation Officer at Inova Health System, where he is accountable for quality, safety, patient experience, care design, virtual care delivery, enterprise care management, and other areas critical to care delivery. He has 20 years in clinical practice and has spent 15 years as a health system leader and physician executive, including roles as President of one of the largest integrated medical groups and CEO of one of the largest independent specialty practices. John’s personal mission is to lead leaders towards the quadruple aim, at scale, with urgency.


Key Insights:

This episode is part of our Excellence in Leadership Series, presented by Citi. Dr. John Phipps is an expert in improving patient care. 


Always Improving. The key to improving health systems is to identify excellent performance and make it the norm. A Care Transformation Officer leads the journey from inconsistently great to consistently great.

An Exhausted System. COVID stretched the limits of the system and of caregivers. In order to maintain high quality care going forward, health systems must first look after the well-being of caregivers. 

Humility and Learning. John reminds administrators and caregivers alike: there is always more to learn. An advanced degree is merely a starting point; serious leaders continue learning throughout their career. 


This episode was made possible by our partnership with Citi.


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