Only an Arm’s Length from the Patient

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Only an Arm’s Length from the Patient

In this the first episode of our Excellence in Leadership Series, presented by Citi, Gary speaks with Joseph S. Moscola, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Services for Northwell Health. They discuss…
October 20, 2022

Only an Arm’s Length from the Patient

Meet Joe Moscola:

Joe Moscola is the Executive Vice President of Enterprise Services for Northwell Health. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Farmingdale State College and Nassau Community College, and is a trustee of the 1199 Pension Fund. Previously, he was the Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer of Northwell Health. Joe received a Bachelor’s in Biology from St. John’s University, an MBA from Adelphi University, and a Physician Assistant certificate from Catholic Medical Centers-Bayley Seton Campus.


Key Insights:

This is the first episode of our Executive Leadership Series, presented by Citi. This series will explore groundbreaking leaders who are envisioning tomorrow’s healthcare. Joe Moscola explores top issues and creative solutions for human resources in healthcare.


  • Addressing Physician Burnout. Northwell Healthcreated Lavender Rooms where employees can take a moment away from work and decompress. They also created the Center for Traumatic Stress and Resiliency, an area staffed 24/7 with behavioral health specialists for whenever clinicians need extra support.
  • Solving Staffing. Northwell Health had previously created its own staffing agency to reduce the cost of contingent workers. During the pandemic, the organization also joined Evolve Health Alliance, a staff exchange program that could shift employees based on the shifting needs of health systems.
  • Fundamental Values. In a large organization, you are never going to make everyone happy. However, Joe points to being fair and consistent as fundamental leadership values, especially for HR leadership.


This episode was made possible by our partnership with Citi.


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