2022 Midterms: Inflation, Polling, and Changing Demographics

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2022 Midterms: Inflation, Polling, and Changing Demographics

In this episode, guest host Jarrett Lewis, Partner, Public Opinion Strategies, interviews Jay Campbell, Analyst at Hart Research, and Jim Hobart, Partner at Public Opinion Strategies about the 2022 Midterm…
October 27, 2022

2022 Midterms: Inflation, Polling, and Changing Demographics

Meet the Guests, Jay Campbell and Jim Hobart:

Jay Campbell is a partner at Hart Research Associates. He has been quoted on politics and public opinion in national publications and has appeared on National Public Radio, MSNBC, CNBC, and C-SPAN discussing politics and polling. Jay graduated from the College of the Holy Cross with a degree in political science.


Jim Hobart is a Partner at Public Opinion Strategies. He regularly appears on NPR, CNN, HillTV, and the BBC to offer political analysis. In 2013, he received the prestigious Rising Star Award from Campaign and Elections Magazine. Jim received a bachelor’s from Wake Forest University. 


Key Insights:

Healthcare may feel separate from politics. However, politics impact the regulations, payments, and trends in the healthcare sector. Leaders need to be aware of what changes may be on the horizon.


  • Macro Trends. Historically, midterms tend to favor the political party out of power; this election is likely to favor Republican candidates. However, results will be impacted by voter mobilization, ad spending, other political issues, and the candidates themselves.
  • Top Issues. Inflation is at the top of voters’ minds, especially for independent voters. Democrat candidates are focusing on abortion rights, climate change, and threats to democracy, while Republican candidates are focusing on border security, immigration, and crime. 
  • Healthcare in the Polls. According to polls and television ad spending,healthcare does not seem to be a top issue for voters or candidates. However, both guests view decreasing prescription drug prices as a popular and bipartisan political issue.


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