33: Shall We Wake the President?

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33: Shall We Wake the President?

In this episode, we hear from Tevi Troy, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center. The conversation explores storytelling, the history of presidents in crisis, writing inspiration, and the role of…
October 28, 2021

33: Shall We Wake the President?

Meet Tevi Troy, Ph.D.:

Tevi Troy, Ph.D. is a Senior Fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center as well as a Senior Fellow of the Hudson Institute. He is the founder and CEO of American Health Policy Institute. His career extends into the public sector as a former member of President George W. Bush’s transition team, a Deputy Secretary in HHS, and Acting Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy. Additionally, Dr. Troy is a prolific writer with 4 books on presidencies and over 300 articles commenting on political trends.

Key Insights:

Dr. Troy is an expert on U.S. presidencies. He shares humorous anecdotes of past presidents to showcase the power of stories, the effect of crisis, and leadership lessons.

  • Inspiration for Writing. Writing is a way to influence policy and perceptions. (7:06)
  • Presidents in Crisis. In moments of crisis, presidents are limited. What they can do is provide leadership, information, and resources at key moments (14:37)
  • People Love Stories. Dr. Troy found that audiences were more engaged when his policy speeches contained stories about presidents, especially personal anecdotes. (23:13)
  • Read, Read, Read. Dr.Troy’s advice for early-stage leaders is to read, and incorporate those concepts and skills into your leadership style. (25:23)

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