34: Countdown to Day Zero

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34: Countdown to Day Zero

In this episode, we preview Think Medium's new upcoming show, "Day Zero," which will explore the journeys of founders. In honor of Day Zero, we compiled advice from three founders…
November 4, 2021

34: Countdown to Day Zero

In This Episode:

We are excited to announce that Think Medium is launching a new show: Day Zero. Day Zero is dedicated sharing the stories of founders, and learning about their journey, leadership, and impact. In honor of our new show, we compiled advice from three founder who we have previously interviewed. It is a sample of what you will hear on Day Zero. 

Key Insights:

Solve a Needed Problem. Todd Cozzens, Founder and Managing Partner of Transformation Capital, encourages founders to seek different perspectives to inform innovation. (3:13)

Seek Truth. Aaron Martin is the Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Providence, and Managing General Partner, Providence Ventures. Aaron advises new CEOs to focus on the truth, and be fact-based. (4:17)

Vision for Change. Lynne Chou O’Keefe, Founder and Managing Partner of Define Ventures, describes the all-encompassing passion founders feel (5:18)

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