Dr Sandro Demaio on a Career in Public Health: Creative Careers In Medicine Podcast Take Over Talking HealthTech!

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Dr Sandro Demaio on a Career in Public Health: Creative Careers In Medicine Podcast Take Over Talking HealthTech!

January 18, 2024

Dr Sandro Demaio on a Career in Public Health: Creative Careers In Medicine Podcast Take Over Talking HealthTech!

During the holiday season, Pete and the team from Talking HealthTech are taking a well earned break, so while they’re away, the hosts of various shows from within the Talking HealthTech Podcast Network are sharing some of their favourite episodes from their own podcasts!

This episode is brought to you by Dr. Elise Putt from Creative Careers In Medicine Podcast.

About the CCIM Podcast

Join Drs Amandeep Hansra, Dana Phang and Elise Putt as they interview the most inspiring and creative minds in medicine! 

Learn all about the many exciting directions a medical degree can take you – from performing arts to technology to entrepreneurship and everything in between. 

Creative Careers in Medicine is an Australian run community, aiming to equip people with the confidence and skills to forge their own unique and fulfilling career path

About the Episode

In this episode of Creative Careers in Medicine, host Dr Elise Putt speaks with Dr Sandro Demaio, CEO of VicHealth, a statutory agency in Victoria focused on promoting public health. 

Sandro shares the importance of living longer, healthier lives and promoting well-being over appearance and weight. He underlines the impact of external factors on health and calls for understanding and compassion in addressing health challenges. 

Sandro advocates for less judgement and more humility and kindness in the healthcare system, sharing insights on his career transition from clinical work to public health and his various impactful initiatives.

Sandro’s career path was influenced by his Italian background, passion for food and culture, and his experiences as a junior doctor delivering aid work in various communities. 

His role as CEO of VicHealth involves managing complex public health systems to improve health outcomes for populations facing significant challenges. His work includes running health awareness campaigns, influencing national data privacy legislation, working with local governments, investing in research and programs, and rolling out youth-led food hubs to address food insecurity.

Sandro emphasises the importance of communication and understanding in addressing issues such as chronic disease and climate change. He highlights the need for people to understand the challenge, recognise existing solutions, and contribute to creating a healthier world. Demaio also shares insights into time management, leadership development, and the need for better public health advocacy among doctors.

This episode provides valuable insights into career opportunities in public health and emphasises the impact of purpose-driven leadership in making meaningful contributions to society.

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