406 – Australian Pavilion Showcase at HLTH 2023

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406 – Australian Pavilion Showcase at HLTH 2023

February 1, 2024

406 – Australian Pavilion Showcase at HLTH 2023

At the HLTH 2023 conference in Las Vegas, ANDHealth led the Australian Delegation of healthtech companies keen to showcase their solutions to the US market.  During the event Pete visited all of the Australian company delegate attendees to learn more about the problem they are solving to bring you this episode today. 

Guests include Bronwyn Le Grice – CEO of ANDHealth, Peter Cranes – CEO & Co Founder of Nutromics, Scott Taylor – CEO & Co Founder of Perx Health, Nishanth Krishnananthan – CO-CEO of Vantari VR, John Kelly – CEO & Founder of Atomo Diagnostics, and Francis White – Vice President of Global Business Development at Adherium. 

The conversation delves into the complexity of the Australian and US healthcare systems, challenges faced by health tech companies, and the importance of understanding these systems for successful market entry and collaboration.

Key Takeaways:

1. The significance of personal connections and learning from companies with US market experience.

2. The importance of targeting the right people, having a focused strategy for meetings, and understanding the unique challenges in the US healthcare market.

3. The value of building relationships, understanding the US audience, and addressing the needs of patients, healthcare providers, and employers in the US market.

4. Emphasis on the potential for business in the US due to its size, but the need to navigate the complexity of the market.


[01:16] Bronwyn Le Grice – CEO, ANDHealth

[04:32] Helen Souris – CEO, Cardihab

[06:10] Peter Vranes – CEO & Co Founder, Nutromics

[09:20] Nishanth Krishnananthan – CO-CEO, Vantari VR

[11:58] John Kelly – CEO & Founder, Atomo Diagnostics

[13:53] Jill Freyne – Deputy Chief Scientist, CSIRO

[15:58] Edwina Wenkart – CEO, PenCS & Kean Seng Lim – Chief Medical Advisor, PenCS

[18:46] Francis White – Vice President of Global Business Development, Adherium

[22:18] Scott Taylor – CEO & Co Founder – Perx Health

[24:00] Shayne Mele – CEO, Scripted Health Technology

[26:33] Alex Naoumidis & Chris Naoumidis – Co Founder & Co CEO, Mindset Health

Check out the episode and full show notes on the Talking HealthTech website.

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