401 – Pioneering Responsible Telehealth Delivery in Stigmatised Conditions.  Eucalyptus

Talking HealthTech

401 – Pioneering Responsible Telehealth Delivery in Stigmatised Conditions. Eucalyptus

December 7, 2023

401 – Pioneering Responsible Telehealth Delivery in Stigmatised Conditions. Eucalyptus

In this episode of Talking HealthTech, Peter Birch leads a discussion with Dr Matthew Vickers, Angus Wood from Eucalyptus, and Tiffany Young. The episode delves into the effectiveness of using technology to provide real-time support and interventions, the advantages of telehealth digital platforms in delivering consistent quality care, and the urgent need to elevate standards in digital health to ensure safety and efficacy in managing chronic disease, men’s health, and obesity management.

Key Takeaways:

The value of digital healthcare for stigmatised conditions: Eucalyptus focuses on managing stigmatised conditions, such as men’s health, obesity, and fertility. Their digital clinics offer patients access to care, especially those who may struggle with access due to their remote location or discomfort discussing their conditions face to face with GPs.

Quality care through comprehensive support: Eucalyptus provides not just consultations but also a wide range of services, including one-on-one email or telephone support, dieticians, and health coaching teams, creating a holistic care approach that aims for high-quality outcomes for patients.

Safety and data security: Eucalyptus takes data security seriously and holds external accreditations, ensuring patient data privacy and security. Their rigorous focus on patient safety includes independent certification and clinical audits to ensure the delivery of safe and effective care.


[00:00] – Introduction

[02:45] – Overview of Eucalyptus and their Services

[04:23] – Purpose and Focus of Eucalyptus

[05:53] – Measuring Impact and Success

[07:31] – Operational Perspective and Growth

[08:58] – Transparency and Safety in Telehealth

[15:26] – Patient Experience and Engagement with Eucalyptus

[18:23] – Data Security and Safety 

[23:52] – Industry Engagement and Future Roadmap

Check out the episode and full show notes on the Talking HealthTech website.

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