361 – Rethinking Nurse Training & Onboarding for Better Care

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361 – Rethinking Nurse Training & Onboarding for Better Care

July 20, 2023

361 – Rethinking Nurse Training & Onboarding for Better Care

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Dan Graham from MedApp and Dan Shaw from South Eastern Local Health District talk about onboarding nurses and healthcare professionals in the public hospital system.

They discuss how MedApp revolutionises the onboarding process for new nurses, providing them with easy access to clinical and hospital guidelines. Discover how MedApp’s streamlined approach eliminates cumbersome manuals and intranets, empowering nurses to feel capable, confident, and efficient in delivering care. From improved communication to personalised onboarding, this episode highlights the transformative power of MedApp in healthcare organisations, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and staff satisfaction.

Streamlining healthcare onboarding with offline-accessible guidelines with MedApp. Prioritise timely communication, reduce stress, and empower healthcare professionals. 

Check out the episode and full show notes here.


00:00 – Introduction

01:10 – Meet Dan Graham from MedApp

02:33 – Learn more about MedApp

04:12 – Meet Dan Shaw from SE LHD

05:30 – MedApp activities recently

09:23 – Supporting clinicians beyond onboarding

11:38 – Real world experiences of MedApp in SE LHD

15:07 – The importance of communicating early when onboarding of clinicians

16:45 – How to successfully implement technology in healthcare

20:42 – Demonstrate value: land and expand

22:41 – Using MedApps beyond vaccination hubs

28:15 – The future of MedApp

32:10 – Outro 

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