350 – Connecting Founders & Industry

Talking HealthTech

350 – Connecting Founders & Industry

May 18, 2023

350 – Connecting Founders & Industry

This episode was recorded at a live Talking HealthTech event cohosted with Cicada Innovations. It features:

Dr. Katja Beitat: A representative from Cicada Innovations, Dr. Katja Beitat is deeply immersed in the medtech industry, fostering productive conversations and partnerships.

Peter Birch: An industry veteran, Peter Birch from Talking HealthTech brings a wealth of knowledge about the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Lynette Walter: As the CEO of Navbit, Lynette Walter has firsthand experience navigating the medtech landscape, from early-stage innovation to market adoption.

Linda Laidlaw: Serving as the Vice President Global Supplier Alliance at ResMed, Linda Laidlaw provides valuable insights into the world of established medtech corporations.

Mark Flynn: Representing Global Edge MedTech Consulting, Mark Flynn acts as a bridge between start-ups and potential partners, providing valuable insights into the struggles medtech startups face.

In this episode, our panel of experts delves into the intricate world of medtech, exploring the gap between early-stage innovation and market adoption. They discuss the importance of understanding corporate strategies, building authentic connections, risk mitigation, and the role of collaboration coordinators in fostering successful partnerships. They also share invaluable advice on networking, understanding the challenges of corporations, and the art of pitching.

Tune in to gain insights into the rapidly evolving health tech landscape, gleaned from both start-ups striving for recognition and established corporations seeking innovative investments. This episode is packed with practical advice and strategies for navigating the medtech ecosystem and securing strategic partnerships.


[0:00:00] – Introduction

[0:01:29] – Panel discussion introduction: Experts share their journey in HealthTech.

[0:02:27] – Diving deep: Panel discussion begins.

[0:05:26] – Navbit’s journey: From small start-up to partnerships with orthopaedic giants.

[0:07:38] – Networking: The key to fruitful partnerships.

[0:10:04] – Success tip: Understand your partner company’s strategy.

[0:14:19] – Regulatory hurdles: Navigating approvals and clinical trials.

[0:17:03] – Why every start-up needs a Plan B.

[0:19:22] – The unique challenges faced by MedTech founders.

[0:21:43] – Corporate vs Start-up: Ease of making contacts.

[0:24:36] – Innovating for a cause: Cochlear Implants.

[0:27:51] – The timeline battle: Start-up vs Corporate.

[0:31:06] – Is cost efficiency the best strategy? Unpacking arguments.

[0:33:43] – Corporate product planning: A problem-solving approach.

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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