346 – Healthcare Innovation in Wollongong Showcase

Talking HealthTech

346 – Healthcare Innovation in Wollongong Showcase

May 1, 2023

346 – Healthcare Innovation in Wollongong Showcase

Immerse yourself in Wollongong’s innovative healthcare landscape with the Talking HealthTech podcast, featuring a special episode dedicated to the healthcare professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs driving advancements in HealthTech across Australia.

Learn about groundbreaking projects, cutting-edge research, and the role of technology in the future of healthcare.

Dive deep into the vibrant ecosystem of Wollongong, where healthcare providers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and university staff collaborate to shape the future of healthcare in Australia. In this special Talking HealthTech podcast episode, explore topics such as:

– HealthMemmo: Discover how this cloud-based platform is transforming communication between patients and clinicians, improving healthcare outcomes across various fields.

– The Evolving Landscape of Physiotherapy: Learn how technology, telehealth, and exercise-based interventions are reshaping the world of physiotherapy.

– Ericom: Find out how this innovative company creates customised healthcare solutions, addressing challenges in the prison system and aged care sector.

– University of Wollongong’s Research & Collaboration: Uncover the groundbreaking projects and partnerships at the heart of Wollongong’s healthcare innovation.

– Commercialising Research: Learn about the growing ecosystem supporting the commercialisation of university research and fostering entrepreneurship in healthcare.

– ExSitu: Understand how this advanced care planning software is putting people’s values at the centre of care planning, enabling better decision-making and personalised care.

– Online Support Communities: Delve into the impact and potential of chat-based online communities in providing vital support for individuals dealing with substance use issues.

– iAccelerate: Explore how this unique incubator is nurturing start-ups and driving innovation in health, aged care, energy, and sustainability.

Experience Wollongong’s thriving healthcare community, where collaboration and innovation are key to shaping the future of healthcare in Australia and beyond.

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00:00:00 – Intro

00:04:55 – Dr Anthony Cadden – HealthMemmo: Revolutionizing Patient Communication

00:12:31 – Beraldo Lilli – Physiotherapist: Evolving Practice & Role of Technology

00:26:12 – Matty Redpath – Ericom: Bespoke Healthcare Solutions & Addressing Prison Health

00:37:46 – Evangelos Pappas – University of Wollongong: Innovative Research & Collaborative Solutions

00:50:07 – Leo Stevens – University of Wollongong: Commercializing Research & Fostering Entrepreneurship

01:02:49 – April Creed – ExSitu: Advanced Care Planning & Empowering Individuals

01:12:16 – Ashleigh Westling – University of Wollongong: Impact of Online Support Communities

01:26:56 – Dr Tamantha Stutchbury – iAccelerate: Supporting Start-ups & Driving Innovation

01:34:44 – Outro

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