335 – Accessibility and wayfinding in healthcare. Joe Halavazis, BindiMaps

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335 – Accessibility and wayfinding in healthcare. Joe Halavazis, BindiMaps

March 9, 2023

335 – Accessibility and wayfinding in healthcare. Joe Halavazis, BindiMaps

Joe Halavazis is the Senior Account Executive at BindiMaps.

BindiMaps uses simple audio instructions to help users navigate indoor spaces and find their way to their desired location. It provides accurate location information and the best possible route to reach the destination.

Check out this insightful interview with Joe Halavazis from BindiMaps, where he discusses the importance of wayfinding in healthcare and how it can contribute to creating a more inclusive service.

In this episode you will learn how BindiMaps’ technology solution that is helping to improve accessibility and wayfinding in healthcare facilities for everyone, including those with disabilities or other challenges that make navigation difficult. The founder’s experience of limited accessibility tools inspired the app, which uses a proprietary language to provide navigation cues and maps, with features such as wheelchair and autism-friendly routes. By prioritizing accessibility, Bindi Maps creates a more inclusive healthcare system, improving the patient experience and reducing missed appointments and complaints, and reinvesting resources into clinical solutions.

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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