33 – Rami Weiss, Healthshare

Talking HealthTech

33 – Rami Weiss, Healthshare

February 10, 2020

33 – Rami Weiss, Healthshare

Rami Weiss is the CEO of Healthshare.  Their mission is to improve patient health outcomes using digital solutions.  

Over the past few years Healthshare has developed a raft of different solutions for Doctors and Patients to ultimately serve up better health information, which leads to happier healthier people.

In this episode, Pete & Rami talk about the 10 year history of the company, their raft of products available for Doctors and Patients, and how they manage to market and grow their suite of different offerings to both B2B and B2C.  They also dive into the importance of accessible health information to help patients and doctors make more informed decisions for better patient outcomes, and reflect on how the start up landscape in Australia has changed over the past 10 years.

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