320 – Prescription for Success: Lessons from the Doctor Diaries Podcast.  Hanya Oversby, HBN

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320 – Prescription for Success: Lessons from the Doctor Diaries Podcast. Hanya Oversby, HBN

January 9, 2023

320 – Prescription for Success: Lessons from the Doctor Diaries Podcast. Hanya Oversby, HBN

Hanya Oversby is a director at Health Business Network, a business consultancy that helps medical professionals with strategic planning and connecting with other businesses, especially startups and those looking to grow. 

In this episode, Hanya discusses the value of inviting successful entrepreneurial doctors to speak on the show and share their insights and ideas with the audience. She talks about the importance of working closely with clients to discuss business plans and increase valuation when it comes to successfully selling a medical practice.

Other topics that may be covered in this episode include the equity model, which involves giving doctors ownership shares in the institution where they work, and the challenge of negotiating from a purely business perspective as a medical professional. Hanya also shares her thoughts on the importance of maintaining a balance between the demand for services and the expenses required to provide them in order to create a sustainable healthcare system.

Hanya and her team at Health Business Network have worked with medical professionals who are dedicated to becoming leaders in their field and providing the best possible care for their patients. They have also helped clients navigate the challenges of negotiating in the healthcare industry and finding creative solutions to problems.

In this episode, Hanya shares stories from entrepreneurial doctors who have found innovative ways to bring value to their patients, such as the radiologist who worked with a spinal surgeon and a neurologist to develop and offer ultrasound technology as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease tremors. She discusses the importance of having a clear understanding of one’s value to the company, whether the potential clients are hospital developers or pharmaceutical companies.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how Health Business Network supports medical professionals in achieving their goals and making a positive impact in healthcare. Don’t miss out on this chance to gain valuable insights and tips for success in the medical field.

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