Data: The Reign of Kings in Healthcare

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Data: The Reign of Kings in Healthcare

January 24, 2024

Data: The Reign of Kings in Healthcare

Data plays a crucial role in the quest for better, safer healthcare, and organizing it effectively is vital to achieving specific healthcare outcomes.

In this episode, Scott MacLean, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at MedStar Health, delves into the buzz around generative AI, its real-world applications in healthcare, like EHR inbox management, and the challenges associated with bias and reliability. Scott emphasizes the importance of data in healthcare discussions, pointing out its role in achieving better, safer, and more specific healthcare solutions. The discussion touches on decision-making processes for technology adoption, preferring platforms over point solutions, and the critical role of relationships in gaining user acceptance. 

Tune in and learn how healthcare evolves through innovative technologies and thoughtful strategies, and how you can make healthcare smarter and more efficient!

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