ALL BOATS RISE: The Contageous Blessings of Trauma Informed Care, from Practitioner to Patient


ALL BOATS RISE: The Contageous Blessings of Trauma Informed Care, from Practitioner to Patient

The Contageous Blessings of Trauma Informed Care, from Practitioner to Patient
July 13, 2022

ALL BOATS RISE: The Contageous Blessings of Trauma Informed Care, from Practitioner to Patient


ALL BOATS RISE: The Pervasive Blessings of Trauma Informed Care from Practitioner to Patient


Triumphing over adversity. We hear, see, and read about doing so in many self-help books and inspirational Ted talks. But how many of us really know how? How many of us can teach others how to be resilient? This is where Dr. Amy King, Child Psychologist extraordinaire comes in. She has devoted her life’s mission to educating healthcare professionals on how to provide mini resiliency actions to their patients. From an ecological approach, Dr. King teaches us how to triumph over adversity and breaks down the mystery behind it. 


  1. Introductions/Get to know Dr. King
  2. Adverse Childhood Experience Study (ACEs).
  3. Background
  4. Takeaways
  5. What causes long term adversity?
  6. How to provide effective resilience against adversity via Trauma Informed Interventions
  7. What is Resilience based interventions
  8. Examples
  9. What is SSNR
  10. When a Healthcare provider has suffered long term adversity/trauma
  11. Reframing the standard question
  12. Changing victimhood to resilience based adversity
  13. How to access trauma informed care for healthcare providers


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Understand and identify adverse childhood experiences

2. Apply at least two examples of resilience based interventions

3. Access and provide resources for resilience based interventions to their patients

Post-Lesson Activity options:

TO RECEIVE YOUR CE: Please post your completed activity either on the Course Comment Section below or in your own social media channel. If you choose the latter, please tag us In the CE Activity section leave a link to your post. The post can be audio, video, or text. We will review, comment and approve your submission for your CE. 

Activity Questions:

  1. Intergenerational Trauma is more common than we think. Why is it that there is this stigma toward understanding trauma? 
  2. Dr. King reframes the question healthcare workers should ask themselves when treating patients from “What is wrong with this patient?” to “What happened to this person and how can I help?” Think back to a patient you had who presented long term trauma. By reframing the question, would you have treated that patient differently? Explain. 
  3. Would you be interested in spearheading adversity based training in your place of employment? How would you go about doing it?


Dr. Amy King is a licensed psychologist with a private practice and provides training, consultation, and education. Among her specialties is working with parents and professionals to help create resilient children and thriving families, guiding them to heal their stress and trauma through connected relationships. Her experience includes serving as a statewide trainer for the Oregon Department of Human Services and subject matter expert to promote child wellness in pediatric settings on behalf of the Children’s Health Alliance. Her current work is promoting resilience within pediatric medical homes and school systems through partnership and collaboration. When she’s not working to promote family resilience, you can find her with her family on their small hobby farm in Newberg, Oregon.

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