70: Stop Guessing When Fluid Resuscitating With Guest Corinne RN From FloPatch

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70: Stop Guessing When Fluid Resuscitating With Guest Corinne RN From FloPatch

September 15, 2023

70: Stop Guessing When Fluid Resuscitating With Guest Corinne RN From FloPatch

Often when a patient’s blood pressure has dropped, we administer fluids without truly knowing the exact reason for the change. Does the patient have low volume, were they vasodilating, or is their heart not squeezing effectively? Fluid resuscitation is not always the answer, but there’s no clear guideline to assess patients without advanced tools that take time and specialists. Enter the FloPatch from Flosonics, an innovative device that quickly measures blood flow in real time.

Fluids can cause damage when given in excess, so it’s crucial for nurses to understand why blood pressure isn’t an adequate indicator of fluid responsiveness, and how a patient can show signs of fluid responsiveness but cardiac output is not increasing. That’s why host Sarah Lorenzini is speaking with Corinne RN to find out more about how Flosonics is helping nurses guide their fluid resuscitation using the portable FloPatch device.

In this episode, Corinne shares patient stories to exhibit how FloPatch can improve patient outcomes, especially in those with sepsis. Corinne and Sarah also discuss the concept of Frank-Starling’s law, the components of stroke volume, and MORE.

FloPatch can help you assess patients and provide precise care. Tune in to find out how it works, the benefits of the product, and why you want to use it at your hospital!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Corrine RN became so passionate about fluid resuscitation
  • Why blood pressure isn’t the best tool for determining cardiac output
  • Factors that influence blood pressure
  • The relationship between preload, afterload, and contractility
  • The consequences of fluid overload
  • Examples of how FloPatch can improve patient care

FloPatch is a game-changing advancement in precision fluid management for critical care, particularly in the management of sepsis. As the world’s first wireless, wearable Doppler ultrasound technology, it provides real-time, non-invasive assessments of arterial and venous blood flow. FloPatch empowers clinicians at the bedside to make rapid, data-driven decisions on fluid resuscitation, mitigating risks of complications such as pulmonary edema and acute kidney injury. FloPatch holds the potential to transform the way clinicians approach and manage hemodynamic assessments, paving the way for increased clinical confidence for more efficient, effective, and patient-centered care.

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