68: MYSTERY EPISODE With Guest Annie Fulton RN

Rapid Response RN

68: MYSTERY EPISODE With Guest Annie Fulton RN

September 1, 2023

68: MYSTERY EPISODE With Guest Annie Fulton RN

Can you guess what was causing this patient’s unexpected symptoms?

This episode is a little different from the rest, thanks to you, our listeners, for submitting your suggestions and ideas for how these episodes should go, because we are all ears!

One of our listeners suggested we do a mystery episode (thanks Shannon!), and we thought it was brilliant! So, on today’s episode, our host Sarah Lorenzini invites back, podcast host of Up My Nursing Game, registered nurse, friend, and former Rapid Response RN Podcast guest, Annie Fulton, to unravel a patient case study of one of Annie’s patients, but we won’t be revealing the diagnosis just yet.

Sarah and Annie discuss why the patient was admitted to the hospital, Annie’s initial analysis of the patient, medications that were administered, the patient’s vital signs, and physical assessment findings, as well as when and why Annie became concerned for the patient and why she had ruled out sepsis from the diagnosis.

In this mystery episode, we won’t be giving away the actual diagnosis.  Instead, for this week we will be leaving you all to try and guess what you think the diagnosis is, and we will reveal the answer in next week’s episode!

Tune in to hear about Annie’s patient, and be sure to check out next week’s episode for the diagnosis reveal! 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • A little bit about Annie and how her and Sarah met
  • What Annie’s patient was admitted for
  • Annie’s initial assessment of her patient
  • What caused Annie to realize something was wrong with her patient
  • The patient’s vital signs and how she was flagged for SIRS
  • Why Annie didn’t think the patient had sepsis

Listen to Annie Fulton’s Up My Nursing Game Podcast:

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