52: Transitioning From Nursing Student to Being ‘The Nurse’ With Guest Stephanee Beggs RN

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52: Transitioning From Nursing Student to Being ‘The Nurse’ With Guest Stephanee Beggs RN

May 5, 2023

52: Transitioning From Nursing Student to Being ‘The Nurse’ With Guest Stephanee Beggs RN

It’s a huge shift in mindset and level of responsibility to go from introducing yourself as “Hi! I’m the nursing student” to “Hi! I will be your Nurse today”.  This episode is not just for Nurses who are making that transition from student to “The Nurse” but also for anyone who will be precepting and mentoring new Nurses.  Sarah welcomes Stephanee Beggs to the show for an important discussion on how to successfully make this transition.

Stephanee Beggs, BSN, RN, has made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List since leveraging her business background with a new nursing career as CEO of RNExplained. Her company provides fellow nurses and students with educational resources, and her social media content has attracted a large following. After graduating from an accelerated nursing program, Stephanee thought the hardest part of transitioning from student to nurse would be applying the skills taught in simulation labs. In reality, the toughest aspect of the job proved to be very different.

Stephanee shares how she balanced gaining new knowledge and developing her skills in the busy environment of the ER as a new nurse. We also go over the flaws in nursing education, how nursing schools can improve, and the most effective way to train new grads.

If you want to prepare for the transition from nursing student to nurse, including how to deal with tough personalities and what you have to learn on the job, tune in now!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Stephanee’s career journey and nursing education
  • Her fears and the hardest parts of becoming a nurse
  • How to get the most out of your new Nurse orientation
  • Navigating nursing culture and Stephanee’s approach to dealing with “bullies”
  • How nursing school education could be improved
  • What hospitals can do to better help nurses transition into their career
  • Stephanee’s advice to preceptors training the new wave of grads
  • Our best advice to new nurses

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