43: Eisenmenger Syndrome With Guest Nick McGowan RN

Rapid Response RN

43: Eisenmenger Syndrome With Guest Nick McGowan RN

February 24, 2023

43: Eisenmenger Syndrome With Guest Nick McGowan RN

Imagine a patient with a SPO2 in the 80’s, not in distress, and acting normal. Their echocardiogram shows an atrial septal defect and a pulmonary artery pressure of 95!!! What can we do for this patient?  What could cause such a high PA pressure?

Today’s guest Nick McGowan MSN, RN, CCRN, had this experience and is sharing his patient’s story with Sarah. Nick revisits how this case evolved, from getting test results to discovering his shockingly high PA pressure and transferring the patient to the ICU.

Many nurses haven’t heard of this condition before, but you’ll understand the pathophysiology of Eisenmenger syndrome and its prognosis by the end of this episode. We also go over the importance of establishing goals of care with patients, and the role of nurses in the ICU.

Nick is also a nursing educator, so tune in to learn his helpful tips on treating elevated PA pressures!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Nick finding his passion in intensive care nursing
  • How he became a Nursing Educator
  • Initial assessment of his Eisenmenger syndrome patient
  • The pathophysiology of Eisenmenger syndrome
  • Treatment options
  • What to remember when treating elevated PA pressures

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