40:Why Rapid Response Nursing? Interview With The Nurse Keith Show

Rapid Response RN

40:Why Rapid Response Nursing? Interview With The Nurse Keith Show

February 5, 2023

40:Why Rapid Response Nursing? Interview With The Nurse Keith Show

Join your host Sarah Lorenzini as she’s interviewed by Keith Carlson, fellow nursing podcaster at The Nurse Keith Show.

With the ability to stay grounded and alert during chaotic situations, Sarah is the epitome of being an anchor in a storm. In this episode, she shares how she found her niche in nursing, why rapid response nursing suits her work style, and how she coaches other nurses through the stress of emergent situations.

Sarah gets fulfillment from helping others, and she does this in so many ways — education through storytelling on her podcast, teaching an online course that’s approved by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, and as a nursing educator.

Tune in to get a sense of what it’s like to be a rapid response nurse, and learn how you can develop the skills to become a better nurse!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What drew Sarah to rapid response nursing
  • Discovering what type of nursing works best with your work style
  • Type of people that do well in rapid response nursing
  • Common reactions nurses have in a crisis situation
  • How to train yourself to respond differently to stress
  • Pursuing advanced certifications
  • Why Sarah loves being a nursing educator
  • Helping nurses through her podcast and Rapid Response & Rescue course
  • What inspired Sarah to lead a rapid response team during the pandemic
  • People that have inspired Sarah in her life

Check out this episode of The Nurse Keith Show podcast:

Earn CEs by listening to Sarah and Keith’s podcast through RNegade:×983153652413497300

If you would like to check out the 1hr, 1 CE course, go to:

To get the FREE Rapid Response RN Assessment Guide and the coupon code for $10 off the cost of the course, message Sarah on 


 @TheRapidResponseRN and type the word PODCAST!

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