37: Hypercalcemia Cardiac Arrest with guest Kisha RN

Rapid Response RN

37: Hypercalcemia Cardiac Arrest with guest Kisha RN

January 13, 2023

37: Hypercalcemia Cardiac Arrest with guest Kisha RN

One Sunday during football season, after being pressured by his wife, a reluctant patient gave in and decided to finally come into the ER. His calcium levels were high, but his EKG came back normal, he was experiencing no pain, and seemed healthy and responsive — until he wasn’t.

Telling her story of treating this patient is host Sarah Lorenzini’s friend and fellow nurse, Kisha RN, CEN. She details her experience with this patient, starting from convincing him to stay for further tests, to shocking him 19 times after he coded, and reuniting months later.

Tune in to learn why it wasn’t obvious this patient was about to experience cardiac arrest, and how medical professionals should address similar cases. 

You’ll also hear from Kisha and Sarah about the emotional impact of working on a patient who has coded as they fight for their life that is in your hands.

Kisha has helpful takeaways and advice from this case to share, so don’t miss this episode!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What drew Kisha to ER nursing
  • Kisha tells an ER story of a seemingly healthy patient
  • The moment Kisha’s patient coded
  • How Kisha was affected by this patient
  • Skills that nursing school can’t teach
  • Explaining hypercalcemia and what causes it
  • “Stones, bones, groans, moans, and psychiatric overtones”
  • Routine treatments for hypercalcemia
  • Why this patient was so memorable
  • Kisha’s biggest lessons from this case

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