35: Cardiac Syncope…(DO NOT AMBULATE!)

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35: Cardiac Syncope…(DO NOT AMBULATE!)

December 27, 2022

35: Cardiac Syncope…(DO NOT AMBULATE!)

The most concerning type of syncope!  When a patient suddenly passes out from either an arrhythmia or a structural abnormality of the heart… this needs to be investigated and treated… next time they might not wake up from it!

If you love learning from other people’s mistakes, you will love this episode of when I didn’t realize my patient was in V-tach and walked him back to his room!

We discuss all of the reasons the heart might cause you to pass out and a little about the challenges of being an ER Triage Nurse in this final episode of the year and the last episode in a 4 part series on syncope.  So make sure you also check out episode #32, #33, and #34 to learn seizure vs syncope, reflex syncope, and orthostatic syncope.


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