Scaling Value-Based Care Programs with Lynn Carroll

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Scaling Value-Based Care Programs with Lynn Carroll

February 20, 2023

Scaling Value-Based Care Programs with Lynn Carroll

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Episode Overview: 

During this episode, we are joined by Lynn Carroll, the Chief Operating Officer at HSBlox, a national-leading company empowering healthcare organizations with the tools and support to deliver value-based care successfully and sustainably.

While together, Lynn shares insights on how to scale value-based care programs, emphasizing an incremental approach using modular building blocks of technology. He also highlights the importance of tailored solutions that meet providers’ specific needs rather than large-scale implementations that may not fit their requirements.

Join us as Lynn discusses his experiences in the healthcare industry and the innovative work being done at HSBlox to drive value-based care forward! Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • Lynne’s experience in starting and building companies, and the launch of HSBlox  
  • Importance of starting with the customer in healthcare solution design
  • The modular approach of HSBlox
  • The need for innovation to improve outcomes and reduce costs
  • The importance of aligning benefit design with value-based care goals
  • The role of employers in driving value-based programs


About our Guest: 

Lynn Carroll, COO and head of strategy at HSBlox for almost six years, is a high-energy business professional who launched a successful healthcare payments platform business in the infancy of HIPAA compliance and helped lead its growth through the ACA and beyond.  An expert in value-based contracts, bundled payments, P4P and global reimbursement, alternative payment models, episodes of care and contract administration, Carroll possesses an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare insurance and integrated payments ecosystems.  Among his successful launches: enterprise solutions for premium invoicing and collection, digital payments, patient financial engagement, prospective bundled payments, and value-based contract administration.

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