Making Complex Workflows Simple with Dr. Sandeep Pulim

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Making Complex Workflows Simple with Dr. Sandeep Pulim

April 1, 2021

Making Complex Workflows Simple with Dr. Sandeep Pulim

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After attending medical school and becoming a family caregiver, our next guest personally experienced the need for a more connected and efficient healthcare industry. 

Because of this experience and his deep desire to help transform healthcare with innovation, our next guest, Dr. Sandeep Pulim, Chief Medical Officer at Bluestream Health, has dedicated his career and journey to precisely this. 

While together, Dr. Pulim shares how a Health Datapalooza hackathon many years ago was a critical turning point that has helped him become a key national figure in moving healthcare technology forward. 

Additionally, Dr. Pulim and I discuss how and why he joined Bluestream Health and the mission-critical work his company has been doing over the past several years, how COVID-19 impacted his company’s trajectory, and where he sees the industry heading into the future. 

Join us for a candid and heartfelt message from Dr. Pulim, one of the brightest minds in healthcare technology innovation. Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • How his experience as a family caregiver influenced him to work in digital health
  • Recognized being an entrepreneur was more fulfilling than going back to residency training
  • Why the Datapalooza hackathon was critical to Sandeep’s health tech innovation career
  • What is Bluestream Health
  • What happened to Bluestream Health when the pandemic broke out
  • How providers can get involved with Bluestream Health

About our Guest: 

Dr. Sandeep Pulim is the Chief Medical Officer at Bluestream Health. He most recently served as the Chief Innovation Officer at Medici, and prior to joining the Medici team, Sandeep worked to enable cognitive technology at the point of care for HCPs and patients, to positively impact clinical learning and quality measures for healthcare organizations, pharma, and payers. Previously as co-founder of Health Recovery Solutions, he helped empower patients to better manage their health and improve quality of life using evidence-based interventions.

In the past, Sandeep served as Senior Medical Editor at MDLinx. An award-winning, practical medical information tool that busy physicians, healthcare professionals use to stay up to date with the latest research in the medical field. The company aggregates medical articles, medical journals, medical newsletters and research from more than 1,200 peer-reviewed journals and leading news media on a daily basis.

Sandeep also helped create sustainable healthcare innovation via enabling fellows to improve the health of communities by creating innovative technology solutions that deliver transformational impact while molding the next generation of leaders at Health for America.

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