Improving the Healthcare Journey for Everyone with Estelle Giraud

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Improving the Healthcare Journey for Everyone with Estelle Giraud

August 8, 2022

Improving the Healthcare Journey for Everyone with Estelle Giraud

After resigning from her steady job just before the pandemic hit, and finding out she was pregnant during lockdown, our next guest was forced to quickly prove that her expertise and passion as a population geneticist could contribute to a better genetic data platform for pregnant women and their children.

Estelle Giraud, co-founder and CEO of Trellis Health, joins us to discuss how she and her team are creating lasting change to reframe the way pregnant moms take control of their care. 

Additionally, Estelle shares her company’s ultimate vision of building the industry-leading distributed privacy-preserving personalized health management and insights platform. 

Join us as Estelle shares her team’s passion for improving the healthcare journey for everyone! Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • Estelle’s journey in building Trellis Health
  • What Trellis Health offers to the healthcare industry
  • The importance of learning about your genetics 
  • How Trellis Health deploys data gathering and data privacy
  • Trellis Health’s long-term vision 

About our Guest: 

Estelle Giraud is a PhD scientist (population genetics) turned commercial operator and leader in biotech and frontier medicine at Illumina, and now turned founder. Also a mother and woman founder, Estelle has had to navigate the change and challenges that come with this journey. She is deeply excited and scared by the rise of (big) data in healthcare and wellness, and passionate about creating a better healthcare system from the ground up, especially for individuals. Estelle believes people don’t neatly fit in single boxes, and some of the most interesting insights about people and the world come from the unplanned intersections. She brings authenticity and openness to tough conversations about the hard problems we face, and thrives in finding new understanding through conversation.

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