Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Megan Jones Bell | Session 5

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Megan Jones Bell | Session 5

April 15, 2020

Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Megan Jones Bell | Session 5

In episode 39, we felt it was critically important to discuss the state of mental health for our nation during the Coronavirus pandemic and invited a visionary and national leader onto the podcast to share her unique perspective and expertise.  

Dr. Megan Jones Bell is the Chief Science Officer at Headspace, a leader in the field of digital health in making mental health care more effective, affordable, and accessible to all populations.

As part of Megan’s ground-breaking digital health research, she developed and validated over 20 digital health interventions, including co-founding Lantern, an evidence-based digital mental health company. 

I’m incredibly thankful for Megan’s time and commitment to sharing her insights on our podcast regarding how we can better practice mindfulness and what we should expect and prepare for as we navigate this global pandemic moving forward.

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