Building a Healthcare Innovation Community with Peter Birch

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Building a Healthcare Innovation Community with Peter Birch

May 16, 2022

Building a Healthcare Innovation Community with Peter Birch

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After working for over 15 years in healthcare management, our next guest has experienced the frustrating inertia and exciting breakthroughs that impact the healthcare industry. Now, he’s engaging with thousands through his podcast community to promote innovation and collaboration for a better healthcare industry. 

Peter Birch, CEO of Talking HealthTech, joins us to discuss his passion and mission for his podcast and membership community dedicated to connecting others to advance healthcare technology in Australia and beyond. 

Join us as we learn more about Peter’s commitment to moving healthcare innovation forward through timely conversations and community collaboration. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How the idea of the Talking HealthTech Podcast came to be.
  • Talking HealthTech’s glossary of health tech information and how its community is collaborating for meaningful change.
  • Pete’s observations of a mindset shift in healthcare executives towards innovation and startups.
  • What makes the Australian healthtech ecosystem unique and powerful.
  • Pete’s plans for Talking HealthTech to scale-out globally with the help of startups and established healthcare companies.


About Our Guest: 

Pete is the founder and host of Talking HealthTech, a podcast and membership community featuring Doctors, Developers, and Decision Makers looking to learn and connect about the use of technology in healthcare.

Pete is also the Company Director at MetaOptima Australia, creating intelligent technology to help doctors detect and treat skin cancer.  

Additionally, Pete serves as the Company Director of the Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA), representing the software vendors of the healthcare industry in Australia. 

He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), is a qualified Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), and Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA).

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