This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / September 26th – 30th 2022

Outcomes Rocket

This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / September 26th – 30th 2022

September 30, 2022

This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / September 26th – 30th 2022

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Welcome to the weekly summary of what happened this week in the Outcomes Rocket Network! We got incredible episodes, and here’s what we got:

  • We started this week with Marketing Mondays, in partnership with DIA Creative and host Andrea Borcea, which had a fantastic chat with Shawn Malloy, VP of Marketing at Curebase.
  • On Tuesday with the first episode of the Research Confidential Podcast! In it, Joseph Kim talked with Brad Hightower, CEO at Hightower Clinical, about improvements that need to happen in clinical trial research.
  • On Wednesday, on the Sempre Health Podcast, Amy Brown, Founder & CEO of Authenticx, talked about the power of listening and conversational data in healthcare.
  • We introduced the Insights Out Podcast! Natanya Wachtel, the founder of the New Solutions Network and, talked about the new show on the Outcomes Rocket Network.
  • On the Future of Global Informatics, TJ Southern had a chat with Debra Graham, Vice President of Clinical Informatics at Physicians Services Group of Florida.
  • On Thursday, we had an episode of the Memora Health Care Delivery podcast where host Manav Sevak had over Bradley Kruger, system VP of patient experience at Advocate Aurora.
  • LabOps Leadership Podcast, Samantha Black, had a talk with John Curran, Vice President of Laboratory Operations at BostonGene, about his experience in LabOps management after having been a research scientist.
  • On our main channel, the Outcomes Rocket Podcast, Saul Marquez spoke with Jason Rose, CEO of AdhereHealth, and Kal Vepuri, founder and CEO of Hero Health.
  • The Everyone Hates Healthcare Podcast had an episode where Saul Marquez shared three different stories that are personal or close to him and will give you advice on navigating healthcare today.

Tune in every week to expand your horizons on various subjects in this industry! See you next week!

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