NWP: What’s the Seacole Effect? Dr. Daihnia Dunkley (aka “Dr. D”) and Wendy

Nurse Wellness Podcast

NWP: What’s the Seacole Effect? Dr. Daihnia Dunkley (aka “Dr. D”) and Wendy

February 16, 2022

NWP: What’s the Seacole Effect? Dr. Daihnia Dunkley (aka “Dr. D”) and Wendy

In the span of her 20+ year nursing career, Dr. Daihnia Dunkley (aka “Dr. D”) has worked extensively in the arena of maternal-child health, leadership, and academia. As she transitioned from bedside nursing to leadership roles, Dr. Dunkley became aware of the inequities within the healthcare system and their impact on patients and practitioners, especially those of color.  Subsequently, her focus shifted towards serving as a change agent by advocating for systematic improvement in matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the nursing profession, and eradicating racial health disparities. Her dissertation research focused on the experiences of Black female executive nurse leaders and was the inspiration for founding The League of Extraordinary Black Nurses; a nonprofit organization aimed at supporting current and future Black nurses through the guiding principles of leadership, mentorship, and scholarship. 

Additionally, Dr. Dunkley serves as a consultant further advancing her efforts to diversify nursing representation, empower minority nurse leaders, and improve maternal health outcomes. Dr. Dunkley is a well-respected and sought after speaker, whose work and reputation has attracted invitations to several international and domestic conferences and other engagements, including the University of Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium in London, England, and an appearance on the recently aired BET network documentary, High Risk.

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