Exploring the Vitality of Honoring Self with Celebrity Wellness Lifestyle Coach Erica Savage

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Exploring the Vitality of Honoring Self with Celebrity Wellness Lifestyle Coach Erica Savage

September 28, 2023

Exploring the Vitality of Honoring Self with Celebrity Wellness Lifestyle Coach Erica Savage

Erica Savage is an Amazon best-selling author, Media Commentator, Celebrity Wellness Lifestyle Coach, Corporate Consultant and the founder of The Reframed Brain podcast and wellness community. Having sustained a serious traumatic brain injury in 2021 after being hit by an 18-wheel truck twice while traveling for work, Erica’s professional and personal worlds transformed significantly. Her life changing injuries forced a year-long focus that included multiple therapies, adaptations, and recovery accommodations with the support of a polytrauma medical team, family, and faithful friends. 

Erica is a former Director of a political consulting and data management firm in Metro DC where she spearheaded the firm’s partner outreach program and led its political consulting and marketing intelligence data tagging program. She also oversaw the execution of an 18-month international campaign, where she trained and managed teams responsible for reviewing and researching extensive data specific to Iraq War veterans and their impacted family members. However, Erica’s crowning achievement is having served as an emissary in South Sudan in 2019 to address water access issues and being instrumental in the freeing of a political prisoner. 

Erica’s writing and consistent media engagement, most notably and formerly as a Thursday night regular commentator on Roland Martin Unfiltered, made her a voice of political and social commentary for several years. Erica’s creation of The Reframed Brain Podcast that debuted January 2022, brings her nearly two decades long political expertise, media engagement and energy into scope as she expertly centers brain health and unseen injuries. This is critically centered especially as the global pandemic gave rise to anxiety, stress, depression, suicide rates and mental health service demands. 

Erica’s experience-driven injuries primed her to provide expertise in creating environments of healing and wellness to individuals, institutions, and corporate structures. Erica’s first book, A Southern Guhl’s Green Thumb, 9 Easy Care Plants to Add to Your Space, is an easy read to share the healing properties of plants and bring readers from interest to purchase. She was a featured speaker at Albany State University in September 2022 during Suicide Awareness Month and currently consults with corporate clients engaging select HBCU scholars to prioritize their mental well-being as global competitors. Erica has been effective in the coaching space having high-performing clients report significant decrease in overwhelm and increases in focus and health outcomes. 

Erica has been a guest on the Sirius XM’s The Clay Cane Show, The Karen Hunter Show, The Happy Hour with Heather B., numerous podcasts, and is currently the co-host on SiriusXM’s The Reecie Colbert Show.

Connect with Erica on:
Instagram: @1ericasavage

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