High Performance Nursing: Story Vs Fact – Nursing Your Mind

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High Performance Nursing: Story Vs Fact – Nursing Your Mind

November 17, 2022

High Performance Nursing: Story Vs Fact – Nursing Your Mind

Considering the overwhelming nature of our career as nurses, it’s normal to have a mind full of competing stories and thoughts, sometimes, its really hard to see what is story and what is fact! If you are feeling like your brain has you running round in circles, good news your human! It just so happens that our primitive brains are wired to entertain these thoughts without them being factual truth!

I believe we need to learn how to assess our thoughts and differentiate which ones are facts and which ones are simply stories we tell ourselves that we have practiced believing are true despite evidence to the contrary. In this episode, I discuss how our brain works and how we must actively distinguish facts from stories to take back our power and manage our mind for life and career success!

If you find yourself continually battling thoughts that are harmful to your mental health as you go about your nursing career, this episode is definitely for you! 

As always, if you need mental health support, please reach out to the appropriate services and get the help you need!

Key Takeaways:

Importance of self-coaching – 0:53

Becoming an observer of thoughts – 2:15

How to assess fact vs. story – 3:22

Thoughts causing negative mindset – 4:00

Know that there’s a choice – 5:45

Leaning into positive thoughts – 7:10

Creating new beliefs – 8:05

Free yourself from your primitive brain’s thoughts – 9:05

Take back your power – 10:20

The facts – 10:50

Understanding your brain – 12:00

Rewrite past stories – 13:00

How I manage my mind – 14:07


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